For smooth automated and cordless opening and closing, add a motorisation system to your BQ manufactured curtains, roman blinds and roller blinds.

We offer a range of high quality battery and electrical operated motorisation systems to suit your window configuration and budget.


  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Ideal for blinds or curtains with hard to reach cords or chains.
  • Increase energy efficiency.
  • Improved security.
  • Able to operate single or groups of curtains or blinds.
  • Easy to install.



All systems are controlled by remote control. Wall switch (Somfy Smoove wireless), smartphone and tablet control is also available if additional equipment is purchased.


For roman and roller blinds, BQ offer affordable and accessible motorisation systems manufactured by Somfy and Rollease Acmeda. These effective systems are suitable for new and existing homes and offices and added to the blind during manufacturing. The Acmeda WireFree Headrail CL0.8 and Acmeda Automate E series motor and batteries have a 7 year warranty and all other motors and batteries have a 5 year motor warranty.

Select a motorisation system to suit your requirements.

  • Electrical Operated Systems:
    The blind is powered via wiring into the wall cavity, installed by an electrician or the Acmeda Headrail CL0.8 motor can also be connected to a nearby powerpoint. These motors are generally more powerful than the battery operated motors, and are preferred for large blinds or more than two blinds linked together. If required, BQ can provide your electrician with a blind connector tail before the blind is manufactured. We also offer motors suitable for Home Automation Systems such as C-Bus, Dynalite, Control4 or Z-Wave.

BQ supplies the following electrical operated systems for blinds:

    • Acmeda Automate E series
      Suitable for medium size blinds. Receiver wire is a small external white wire.
    • Acmeda Headrail CL 0.8
      Suitable for roman blinds only. Requires a smaller headboard (minimum 42mm) than other motor types. Blinds can not be linked. A cord to connect to a nearby powerpoint is available on request.
    • Somfy Altus
      Receiver wire is built into the blind tube.
    • Somfy Q
      From Somfy’s Sonesse range. All the features of Somfy Altus although a quieter more premium system with superior performance.
  • Battery Operated Systems:
    The blind is operated by a motor and rechargeable batteries. Installation is easy and no wiring is required so no need for an electrician to install, hence saving costs. There’s no need to remove the blind to charge the batteries.

BQ supplies the following battery operated motorisation systems for blinds:

  • Roller blinds:
    For all offered motorisation systems, the motor is discreetly hidden in the roller tube. For battery operated motorisation systems, the rechargeable battery operating the motor is also hidden in the roller tube.
  • Roman blinds:
    For all systems (except the Acmeda WireFree Headrail CL0.8), the motor is also discreetly hidden in a roller tube. For battery operated motorisation systems, the rechargeable battery operating the motor is also hidden in the roller tube. Additional spools are added to the roller tube and a minimum 80mm headboard projection is required. Side flaps are recommended for face fix blinds to hide componentry.

For the Acmeda WireFree Headrail CL0.8 system, the motor is hidden in the headrail. For battery operated motorisation systems, the rechargeable battery operating the motor is attached to the headrail with a small wire, and sits attached to the outside of the headrail or nearby architrave or wall.

  • Linked blinds:
    Depending on the weight of blinds, up to three blinds can be linked, therefore minimising the number of motors required. However linked blinds will operate in unison, with all blinds linked opening and closing at same time, to same height and speed.

To motorise your curtains, contact an automated track supplier including: Acmeda, Somfy, Forest, Alpha.

If you are a Victorian metro customer and require assistance with installation, BQ can order motorised curtains tracks on your behalf.


All motorisation systems BQ offer are controlled by a hand held remote control that can also be wall mounted with brackets provided. We offer single and multi channel remote controls. Multi channel remote controls allow multiple blinds or groups of linked blinds to operate at once.


To control blinds and curtains and all other motorised shutters or awnings in your house or office, by smartphone or tablet (even when you are not home) the below brand applicable unit must be purchased and app downloaded. One unit is required per house or office. You will also need to purchase a remote control.


BQ Design is a trade supplier and sell to registered businesses only.

However we can help you find an interior specialist for supply of custom made soft furnishings in your home, office or commercial premises.